Depot Makeup Like A Pro With Our All-In-One Makeup Palette

If you haven’t heard of depotting, you most likely have seen it happen. Depotting makeup is pretty much what it sounds like: taking it out of one container and putting it into another. People do this for a number of reasons. For example, some depot their makeup to save space. Rather than carrying around 15 of their favorite lipsticks every time they go out of town, they can depot them into a single palette. Others use depotting as a mode of mixing products to create new, unique makeup colors. So, as a leading provider of one of the coolest makeup gadgets on the market - our all-in-one makeup palette that functions as a mirror and adhesive cell phone wallet -...

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Six Times We Wish We Had Our Mobile Touch-Up Makeup Palette

We get it - you love your giant makeup palettes you picked up from Sephora, so do we. But you can’t possibly take your 24-shade eyeshadow palette on the go with you! We invented our mirror-wallet-makeup palette because we needed it - and we thought you probably did too. Our small but mighty lip color palette that adheres to your phone is designed to be your go-to touch-up palette that travels with you everywhere. Think of it this way. Remember way back when before cell phones were smart - back when you could only use them to call people and play OG Snake? If you needed to look up information, you had to find an actual computer. As soon as...

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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Purse Today

Women have been carrying purses for hundreds of years. What once was a way to simply carry money for important purchases has turned into the equivalent of a ball and chain that weighs us down. Look into your purse right now. We’d bet you don’t need about 90 percent of what’s in there. You might have junk in there that you never use like pens, miniature hair brushes, old lipstick, used-up gift cards, double-sided tape, and that’s just the beginning. Plus, you might even have actual trash in your purse like slightly-used napkins and old movie theater candy that it’s essentially inedible. It’s weighing you down. It’s time to ditch the purse and travel with only the necessities. Carry Only...

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