5 Reasons To Ditch Your Purse Today

Women have been carrying purses for hundreds of years. What once was a way to simply carry money for important purchases has turned into the equivalent of a ball and chain that weighs us down. Look into your purse right now. We’d bet you don’t need about 90 percent of what’s in there. You might have junk in there that you never use like pens, miniature hair brushes, old lipstick, used-up gift cards, double-sided tape, and that’s just the beginning. Plus, you might even have actual trash in your purse like slightly-used napkins and old movie theater candy that it’s essentially inedible. It’s weighing you down. It’s time to ditch the purse and travel with only the necessities.

Carry Only What You Need

What do you use from your purse on a daily basis? If you’re like us, you probably use your credit card or some cash, your ID, and maybe some lipstick for midday touch-ups. If only there was a makeup and wallet accessory that adhered to your phone that had everything you need. That was mostly a joke, because obviously there is a cell phone gadget that does all of that. We know because we invented it. Our adhesive cell phone wallet/travel makeup palette sticks to the back of any smartphone or phone case with a flat back. This cool makeup gadget helps to simplify your life while still allowing you to carry everything you may need.

If need a few more reasons to ditch your purse, here are five good ones.

  1. Once your purse gets too heavy, it can cause actual back problems since most women weigh down the same shoulder every day with their purses.
  2. Unless you keep your cell phone in your purse, we’d be willing to bet you have accidentally left your purse at more places than your phone. If you keep only the essentials on you and keep them adhered to your phone case, you’ll lose stuff less often.
  3. A mugger could run by and rip your purse right off of your shoulder! This is not what we meant when we said to ditch your purse!
  4. Sometimes your purse doesn’t match your outfit. This leaves you either scrambling in the morning to transfer all of the contents of your purse to a new more suitable purse, or you risk being seen wearing a pumpkin-spice-colored purse with a neon lime green shirt.
  5. The purse industry is a part of a whole convoluted marketing scheme in women’s fashion. You know how the pockets of women's jeans are practically non-existent? It’s designed that way to force you to buy a purse to carry your stuff! (Okay, admittedly, small pockets allow for slimmer fitting pants which most women enjoy, but still.) Just say no to purses.

Ditch Your Purses And Simplify Your Life With Our All-In-One Makeup Palette

Our makeup palette doubles as an adhesive cell phone wallet that can safely carry your cards and money, and also features a high-definition mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Shop our gorgeous lip color palettes today!