Depot Makeup Like A Pro With Our All-In-One Makeup Palette

If you haven’t heard of depotting, you most likely have seen it happen. Depotting makeup is pretty much what it sounds like: taking it out of one container and putting it into another. People do this for a number of reasons. For example, some depot their makeup to save space. Rather than carrying around 15 of their favorite lipsticks every time they go out of town, they can depot them into a single palette. Others use depotting as a mode of mixing products to create new, unique makeup colors.

So, as a leading provider of one of the coolest makeup gadgets on the market - our all-in-one makeup palette that functions as a mirror and adhesive cell phone wallet - you may be wondering why we’re talking to you about other makeup. When we developed the animal-cruelty free makeup that we use in our adhesive cell phone wallet/makeup palette crossover, we took great care to choose colors that are universally flattering on all skin tones. We use only the best products in order to provide you with the lip colors, concealer, and lip balm we think you’d love. However, we know that you might want different colors, or better yet, you might want to add your own colors to your palette once the original ones are used up - and we’re here to help!

How To Depot Makeup Like A Pro

To depot makeup, you’re going to have to temporarily destroy it, which can be traumatizing to some. With high-end lip colors and eye shadows eating up our paychecks, turning your gorgeous makeup to mush feels horrible. But, it’s also a lot of fun! Especially since your makeup will work exactly the same once it’s done.

Before you begin destroying your existing makeup, you need to clean the leftovers out of your on-the-go makeup palette/adhesive phone wallet. Use the included lip spatula to scrape out any leftover makeup and then clean the well with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Additionally, you should sanitize each lipstick before you depot it just to ensure it won’t grow any bacteria. You can do this by either scraping off the top layer of the lipstick with your spatula or by rubbing the surface with rubbing alcohol.

Depot Compact Powder Makeup

While your makeup gadget is designed mainly as a lip color palette, you can absolutely add powdered blush, concealer, and highlighter to it for on-the-go glamour. To do this, you will want a clean, flat surface - preferably glass or stainless steel. Break up the powder that you want to depot and dump it onto the surface. Use your spatula to mush it up into a consistent powder. Add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and mix until it is a thick paste. Then, scoop it into the desired palette well. Make it as smooth as possible with the spatula and cover it with a tissue. Then, using a blunt object such as the end of your makeup brush, press the paste into the well to compact it. Leave it open for the alcohol to evaporate, and that’s it!

How To Depot Lipstick

If you want to keep your small travel palette specifically for lip color, the depot method is a little bit different. Some makeup enthusiasts choose to melt their lipsticks when depotting them, though we don’t recommend this because it can alter the chemistry of the lipstick. However, we’ll tell you how to do that really quickly just in case you want to. Melting your lipstick does create a cleaner-looking final product, but after a few uses, it will all look the same. For this method, you will need a spoon and a candle. Break off however much lipstick you want in your lip color palette and place it on a clean spoon. Hold the spoon above the flame of the candle until it is just melted. Then, pour the melted lip color into the desired palette well.

The easier and cleaner way to depot lipstick into your lip color palette is to simply break off the room temperature lipstick and use your spatula to mush it directly into the palette well. To smooth it out once it is mushed up, you can wrap your finger in saran wrap and gently pat it down.

Create Your Own Custom Makeup Palette That Adheres To Your Phone

Our small travel makeup palette can be easily customized to fit your tastes. As the premier adhesive cell phone wallet and makeup palette crossover, you can take your favorite lip colors, eyeshadows, and concealers on the go with you! That way you can continue to use your makeup/mirror/wallet phone attachment over and over again! To get your own all-in-one makeup palette that sticks to your phone, shop our collection! The makeup palette phone case attachment can easily be removed and reattached, and the makeup gadget fits all smartphones with a flat back. Get yours today!