Six Times We Wish We Had Our Mobile Touch-Up Makeup Palette

We get it - you love your giant makeup palettes you picked up from Sephora, so do we. But you can’t possibly take your 24-shade eyeshadow palette on the go with you! We invented our mirror-wallet-makeup palette because we needed it - and we thought you probably did too. Our small but mighty lip color palette that adheres to your phone is designed to be your go-to touch-up palette that travels with you everywhere.

Think of it this way. Remember way back when before cell phones were smart - back when you could only use them to call people and play OG Snake? If you needed to look up information, you had to find an actual computer. As soon as the iPhone was released and people had total internet access in their pockets, everyone began to wonder how we ever lived without it. So we followed the same path of “small, convenient, and necessary” and created an on-the-go makeup palette that attaches to your smartphone. That way, your $75 Urban Decay palette can stay safely at home, and you can keep the makeup you need on-the-go in your pocket.

Are you thinking, “How have I ever lived without a phone gadget that triples as a mirror, wallet, and makeup palette?” We are too! So we’re here to give you six embarrassing real-life scenarios that are BMMM (Before Mirror, Makeup, Money).

That Time I Waited 12 Hours To See The Jonas Brothers

JoBro fever was real back then! It was my first concert without a chaperone and I insisted my mom drop me off early just in case the boys wanted to come out and say hi to all of us loyal fans. Looking back, I am positive Joe Jonas had zero interest in making me his wife, but my 12-year-old self was harder to convince. I had to look perfect and I didn’t think to bring even a small lip color palette or touch up concealer to make it happen.

That Other Time I Waited 12 Hours To See The Jonas Brothers

Sorry, not sorry, but suddenly I made a switch from being head-over-heels for bad-boy Joe and fell madly in love with America’s Sweetheart Nick Jonas (sorry Kevin, you were cool, too). And this particular show was a standing room only concert so obviously I had to get there extra early to get a good spot. And again, try telling 14-year-old-me that Nick Jonas wasn’t going to fall in love with me! Obviously, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time to bring an all-in-one makeup palette.

That One Time (Or 1000 Times) I Pulled An All-Nighter In College

And I’m not even talking about the fun type of all-nighters that Taylor Swift taught us involved “breakfast at midnight” and “falling in love with strangers.” I’m talking about the “I haven’t been to this class in a month because it’s at 8 am and I have a final tomorrow” type of all-nighter.  I’m talking about the “my professor has been telling me to start this essay for months but I ignored her and now I regret it” type of all-nighter. And of course, the “I have more Red Bull in my veins than red blood cells and that’s a problem” type of all-nighter.

As much as I would’ve loved to be the perfect student, procrastination was real. When you drag yourself out of your dorm room to class after an all-nighter, a travel palette for touch-ups is your new best friend.

When I Picked A Zit Into A Gaping Hole Right Before A Presentation

Whether it’s in middle school, high school, college, or the real-life adult world, we’ve all nervously picked at our face before a public speaking event. Nothing makes this event more mortifying that seeing a little bit of blood on your fingers and knowing there is more on your face. With our touch-up palette, I could have patched myself right up so I could focus on my presentation rather than whether or not people are staring at my zit.

When I Was Studying Abroad And Met A Cute Irish Guy In A Pub

Look, as strong women, we want to shun conventional beauty standards that say you need to have a perfectly touched-up face wherever you go. However, we also believe that makeup has a way of giving people confidence. So when I met that cute Irish guy in a pub after walking around in the rain, I could have used a little touch-up which is where our adhesive cell phone wallet makeup palette would have come in handy!

When I Did A Local News Interview At A Walmart

This was not my proudest moment. I was home from college for summer vacation, so I found myself hanging out at a Walmart in my pajamas at 10 pm with no makeup and with my cart loaded with ice cream, as one does. Next thing I know, a producer from a local news station asked if he could shove a camera in my face to talk about a new system put in place to stop people from stealing shopping carts. I tried to make an excuse about how my ice cream was going to melt but, next thing I know, my face was plastered across television screens in my small-town and I was attempting to have an educated opinion about shopping cart protocol. It was neither mine nor my parents’ proudest moment. And, darn it, I wish I had been able to touch-up my face with an all-in-one makeup palette.

Save Face With Our Makeup, Mirror, Wallet Attachment For Your Phone!

As you can clearly see, there are a handful of nightmare scenarios where a small travel makeup palette would have saved us ample embarrassment. And we don’t want the same thing to happen to you! When it comes to concealer and lip color palettes that work overtime, we’ve got you covered. Check out our adhesive cell phone wallet and makeup palette crossovers!