Natural Nudes

Natural Nude Palettes

FaceCase’s Natural Nudes palette is offered in two different compact colors: rose gold and black. If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out which one has the best makeup colors for you, there’s no need. The makeup in each Natural Nudes compact is exactly the same, even if your eyes are tricking you into thinking that the colors in the rose gold palette are different from the ones in the black. Our Natural Nudes palette comes with four creamy colors for your lips and cheeks, a rose oil conditioning lip balm, and a touch-up powder for covering stubborn blemishes that appear throughout the day. We use only certified animal cruelty free makeup in our FaceCase, and have carefully picked out colors to be universally flattering on all tones of skin. Feel free to mix and match the lip colors until you find your perfect shade, and use the rose-oil balm for a glossy finish. To use, simply adhere the adhesive cell phone wallet/makeup palette to the back of your phone (we give you everything you need to do that) and you’re good to go. Our Natural Nudes palette offers subtle colors to create a polished look. For bright, bold colors be sure to check out our Rich Nudes FaceCase.