Customize Your FaceCase


We get it! We worked overtime to research the top-selling makeup colors, so we could duplicate them (and ensure they are cruelty-free) in our FaceCase.

However, chances are you might not love EVERY color prefilled inside your FaceCase.

No worries, it’s super easy and fun to customize by:

DIY Depotting/Transferring/Deposit

{Depotting is the practice of removing a makeup product, such as lipstick, blush, (or any crème form) from its original container and placing it into a more practical vessel}.

We know you’re a tech-savvy person, so we don’t have to tell you the easiest way to learn about depotting is by watching video depotting tutorials on YouTube. Check them out, but basically, when you depot you’re simply transferring a snippet of your favorite lipstick into an emptied FaceCase well. It’s fun and simple to do!

Below is a quick list of the steps:

* Using the spatula end of the enclosed lip brush dig out the undesired or remaining lip color from your FaceCase palette.

*Spray isopropyl alcohol on a tissue.

*Wipe off the desired lipstick bullet (on all sides) with the tissue.

* Slice off a chunk of lipstick with your clean spatula and “mush” it into the pan pressing down to break up any chunks.

* Wrap your finger with some Saran Wrap and Gently press down and even out the lip color, or smooth with a butter knife.

Clean around edges with a slightly damp Q-Tip.  TaDa!  


Do not melt lip colors. Best to depot/transfer lipstick at room temperature. Do not place FaceCase in the microwave.

To smooth out the deposited color in your FaceCase pan, try placing Saran Wrap over the palette. Using a small flat butter knife, turned on its side, pack down and even out the texture.

And that’s it! Now you can keep using your adhesive cell phone wallet/makeup palette and it will be exactly how you want it!